KCL Humanitarian Mappers are a group of geographers based at King’s College London who like to run mapathons to add richness to Open Street Map (OSM). OSM is like Wikipedia meets Google Maps – a map of the world, containing various information, that anyone can add to, edit and use.

Many of the world’s most vulnerable places are not currently well mapped – maps might be out of date, incomplete, or completely missing from the map. This is where Humanitarian Open Street Map and Missing Maps comes in – their aim is to harness the power of the global community of mappers to create a richer map of the world through mapathons.

But what is a mapathon?

A mapathon is a mapping marathon. This is where a group of people get together to work on a specific mapping task (normally fuelled by pizza!). These take place all over the world and are hosted by various organisations (why not get in touch with Missing Maps to organise your own?!). This is where KCL Humanitarian Mappers was born – we are just a small chapter of an amazing global project, where people can get together to map the world’s most vulnerable places. Check out our events page for a upcoming mapathons, and results page for previous mapathons.

Behind the scenes, KCL Humanitarian Mappers is run by a group of enthusiastic geographers – Dr Faith Taylor, Dr James MillingtonDr Jo Wood and Michele Ferretti. We can be contacted at kclmapathons@gmail.com or on twitter @KCLMapathons.