Missing Maps Mapathon – 3rd October 2017 (#3624 – Missing Maps: Malakal, South Sudan)

Well, it’s been a busy old month here at King’s, and we’ve not had time to update you on the amazing Mapathon we hosted back at the start of the month!

We had over 150 people register for the event, ranging from new mappers to some well known faces. We had mappers, validators and a JOSM training session… and of course. copious amounts of pizza!!

It was a great night, with an amazing atmosphere and some great pop-up talks from MSF UK, the Tanzanian Development Trust, Red Cross, experts, non-experts, people who were new or who wanted to share ideas, and some of the King’s staff too!

Images: Aga, Celine and Jo

#3624 – Missing Maps: Malakal, South Sudan:

The Missing Maps Mapathon on the 3rd October, centred on Malakal, South Sudan. We were mapping this area as recent insecurity has resulted in population movement; creating lots of new dwellings, with others disappearing. Missing Maps wanted to update existing maps and consolidate the road network in order to make it easier locate populations.

The clashes that started in Juba on July 2016 and spread to other areas of the country opened a new chapter in the protracted war that has affected the Republic of South Sudan since December 2013. The actual political status of the country is based on a weak and volatile peace process and political situation at National level with still unpredictable consequences for the near future. This deterioration of the context through the year has worsened the deep humanitarian crisis that has been affecting the South Sudanese population.

In Malakal operational area, Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) continues being the only actor able to provide quality secondary level (including severe malnutrition) and access to critical services such as Kala Azar, TB, HIV. In addition, MSF is the actor with longer experience responding to medical humanitarian emergencies in the area and with the proper levels of acceptance and expertise to continue doing it in increasing tense environments.


Somewhere near to the end of the night we were on around 70% complete, with 10% validated.

joannewood stats.png

A proportion of the mappers made it to the pub to continue discussion, make friends and generally have a relax.

joannewood pub.png

On checking back today, we are now on 99% complete with 11% validated thanks to the ongoing contributions of the mappers.


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